The Culture of Sleepers

“As a Sleeper in Metropolis, you’re insignificant.” –Anne Clark

There are nights when I lay on my bed and contemplate, thinking so hard that my head is ticking like a time bomb ready to explode. My thoughts mostly revolve around society and all the crazy shit people distract themselves with nowadays. I feel like a giant thought bomb about to explode, its pieces spreading all over the heads of the walking zombies that combined are what we call society.

I often find myself awake among sleepers who just blindly consume all the garbage that is being served on their plate. Stupid TV reality shows, Internet memes, Viral youtube videos, Fake news, pseudo-science, pop music and the list goes on and on to eternity. I’m stuck here, in a world with people constantly sleeping and living a life dictated mostly by the media and the pop culture. The majority is being dictated into a predetermined lifestyle: What’s cool to eat, what’s cool to listen, what’s cool to like and how it’s cool to look like, a made-up illusion by those who want to enslave our intellectual independence.

I have come to terms with the fact that people are becoming rapidly stupid. Who would ever know that movies like “They Live” and “Idiocracy” would become a fulfilled prophecy? Who could ever tell that with all this technology and knowledge handed to us on the internet and that we can access effortlessly, we’d become more stupid than ever. Who would ever know that people would drown themselves in an ocean of ignorance and vanity, a twisted obsession over themselves, a selfi(e)sh and lonely sad world.

People are suffering because they feed themselves with blank doses of happiness and plastic entertainment. Buying shinny things just to have a temporary sense of happiness and be accepted by other sleepers, but the more they buy the more they suffer inside, because nothing can fill the void within their own existence. They feel empty and at the end of the day…they are all alone. It’s pathetic to witness, how people merely live: They just exist and live a purposeless life, pretty much dictated by what they see on TV and the media.

“As within, so without”, the outside is a reflection of our inner thoughts and our thoughts are shaped by what we feed our minds with. It’s all in our mind and the state of it. How we see the world and perceive the problems of our daily life depends on the mind and the impression of the world that it has created. By feeding ourselves with mental crap we put our mind to sleep, we make it weak and blind and dormant, making it hard to process things in life by ourselves. Our ability to think critically is diminishing and we are eventually becoming some kind of stupid zombie puppets ready to consume more selling crap.

I don’t believe that the world is going to get any better. Society is becoming faceless and people are no longer free-thinkers. Everything they say and everything they believe it’s not theirs, they’re just programmed robots following instructions. Most sleepers are so comfortable within their own safe zones that they won’t accept any ideas and concepts outside the ones they’ve been fed with for the entirety of their miserable lives.

This is the culture of sleepers, a bunch of slave minded individuals who blindly follow the herd. They follow what all other people follow. They’d do anything to fit in without questioning anything. They listen to the latest pop songs on the radio and watch inane reality shows on TV. They work jobs they hate and live controlled and miserable lives, they are numbers, puppets who consume for the profit of industries that rely their profit on these dormant minds, on their dumbness and bewilderment. I’d rather be an outcast than to be part of this insanity. I don’t want it, I don’t need it and I don’t want anything to do with it.

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