The Long List of Good Notes

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We as human beings are forgetful most of the time. We say we’re gonna do this and that and the next day, we forget it! Like there’s some kind of a “to-do” eating monster inside our little brains that eats away all the things that we set out to do.

That’s a bummer my friends.

I found a nice solution to this and it’s called….are you ready?

The Long List of Good Notes..! *Clap Clap* to me.

I couldn’t find a better name and I wanted it to stand out a bit because it’s indeed a list of good notes and it can be a long one. For now on we’ll call it LLGN (sounds more scientific right?). LLGN is a list of all the things that you never want to forget. It’s a list of things that you would go through every single day to remind yourself of all your core values and basic ideas of the world. It’s not the “buy milk” kind of list. It’s a more serious stuff about ideas and behaviours we often forget to apply.

How many times have you said: “I’ll never do this again” and all of a sudden the next time you do it again? How many times you’ve felt like an idiot doing something stupid that you’d regret later on and how many times you’ve learnt something cool from a book that you’d like to apply it in your life but you forgot it after a few hours of reading it?

LLGN is like your external brain hard drive, it’s mental instructions that you want to keep in your memory because they’re fucking useful and because you know they’re good for you and for others as well.

LLGN is pretty simple, you just make a list of the things that really matters to you, usually it’s a very long list and as you go you add more things or replace those that no longer serves you. You can maybe underline or make bold some of the more important stuff but I usually do this for only three. It’s up to you.

Here’s an example of how LLGN might look like:

  • Be mindful, be present.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Don’t be distracted.
  • Don’t react, be proactive.
  • Fast decisions are usually wrong decisions.
  • I don’t always have to wait for the perfect moment.
  • Be empathetic.

As you can see the LLGN is a more generic list compared to a to-do list. Go through that list twice a day, improve it, add or replace things if you want. I personally use evernote to keep track of all these notes because I can sync it with all of my devices (mobile, laptop etc..). You can also write them down on a notebook -you know, a physical one- if you wanna go old school.

And that’s the LLGN, The Long List of Good Notes. Hope this will help you be more productive and mindful. And next time you forget something or you don’t act like you supposed to, don’t beat yourself up. Just write it on the LLGN.

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