A Few Words About My Debut Single INSANE

Alan Fall's Debult Single INSANE

After a lot of procrastination and fighting with my demons I decided to record my first debut single: INSANE. Putting out my own music to the world is something that I really wanted to do for a very long time but I was too much of a perfectionist to ever finish it, add some procrastination to this fact and you have the perfect recipe for killing your dreams and your goals. I was doing this to myself for a very long time and I came to the realization that the most damaging part of my entire life was trying to be perfect. Guess what, I’m not perfect, nobody is.

Despite the fact that I was writing music for other bands for a long time and being a member of quite a few bands as a guitarist, I never tried to publish music that was totally composed and performed by me(besides King for a Day). -Actually I did released something but that was a long time ago, MySpace era-.

INSANE is a track that I wrote back in February and I don’t think that I can put it into any box in terms of music genre -people say it’s nu-metal, I say whatever-. INSANE is not a part of any EP or upcoming album, it’s just a kickstarter and there’s more music to come.

Getting to the logistics of things, INSANE has been out for about a week now. I tried to boost it on facebook and even make some adwords advertisment but I totally failed in that, it didn’t have the views that I expected  -even though I had a great feedback- and people didn’t really listened to it (not even 200 views on youtube right now). Does this mean the song sucks? No. Does this mean I did target the wrong people on my ads? Most certainly! Does this mean I should stop writing music? Never.

So that’s about it, I just wanted to say a few things and get em out of my system. You can find my debut single on the most popular music platforms that exist out there including: Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Deezer, Napster and more.

Thanks to Petros Dusty (Destiny Studios) for taking my idea to the next level, the whole recording process went indescribably smoothly!


Produced/Recorded/Mixed by Petros Vynakos at Destiny Studio Athens
Mastered by Nada Recording Studio (My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Armor for Sleep etc…)
Music & Lyrics: Alan Fall

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