Digital Grief Creative Studio

I’m the founder of Digital Grief, a Creative Studio aiming to provide unique websites & Artworks for the awesome people in the music industry.

An interesting interview about the creation of Digital Grief and my Art at: heavymusicartwork.com

Website: www.digital-grief.com

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About my Upcoming Album

I’m currently working on a new music material. I’m not sure if this is gonna be a band or just a one man band project. More info on that soon…


King for a Day

I’m the singer of King for a Day, a pop punk band from Athens/Greece.

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W.E.B. (ex-band)


Back in 2009 I joined forces with W.E.B. a Greek Dark Metal band from Athens in which I’ve been the lead guitarist for almost 7 years (2009-2016).

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Discography with W.E.B.

  • My Storm Upon You ‎EP (2012) – Self Released
  • For Bidens (2014) released by No Regrets Records


  • Greek Alliance Tour (2009) w/ SepticFlesh, Dimlight
  • French Tour (2012) w/ SepticFlesh, Svart Crown, Valet Parn
  • Headline UK Tour (2015)

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