My Top 10 Spotify Workout Playlists

Who said your workouts should be boring? Here are my top 10 playlists that boosts my performance during a workout. When weightlifting I prefer to listen to something more aggressive but when I do bodyweight and cardio training I prefer something more electronic, rhythmic and upbeat.

Do you have any favorite workout playlist? Let me know!

1. Weight Lifting Workout (Weightlifting)

2. Hardcore Gym / Lifting (Weightlifting)

3. Hardcore Lifting (Weightlifting)

4. Beastmode Workout (Weightlifting / Bodyweight)

5. Workout Motivation (Weightlifting / Bodyweight / Cardio)

6. Fearless Motivation (Weightlifting / Cardio & HIIT)

7. Rap Workout Playlist (Bodyweight Training / Cardio)

8. Street Workout Extreme Calisthenics (Bodyweight Training / Cardio)

9. Thenx  (Bodyweight Training / Cardio)

10. Calisthenics Street Workout  (Bodyweight Training / Cardio)


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