My Top 10 Spotify Workout Playlists

Who said your workouts should be boring? Here are my top 10 playlists that boosts my performance during a workout. When weightlifting I prefer to listen to something more aggressive but when I do bodyweight and cardio training I prefer something more electronic, rhythmic and upbeat. Do you have any favorite workout playlist? Let me […]

King for a Day: Our first single is out!

king for a day

If you’re into partying and sinister pop punk vibes. Check out my band King for a Day. We usually talk about basic things like love and how we can’t sleep at night because of some cold-hearted bitch who broke our hearts. It’s fun! Don’t forget to listen to our single “Sleepless Nights”. Credits & Lyrics […]

CSS Layout Centering Techniques

CSS Centering Techniques

Centering elements with CSS sometimes can be tricky. There are plenty of techniques that you could use but what technique you should use depends on the element and the content. Some questions that you might ask yourself when trying to center an element could be: Is it an inline or a block element? Is it […]

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